JCA Study in Canada PlayBook – Kenya

KSh 999.00



This is a DIY pre-packed consultancy package that covers the following: 

  1. Student Profiling: to help you identify the right destination, the right course, and the right university in accordance with your scores and your budgets. This commences the package guide engagement. We play a vital role in narrowing down the list of universities that you should apply to, after analyzing a range of educational institutions across the region. 
  2. Standard Tests Preparation: As part of their qualification, international students take tests, especially when English is not their first language. Should there be a problem for you in taking the language tests, we provide alternative universities where no language tests are required for your admission.
  3. Document Verification: Guide on collating and drafting all the required documents, improve upon the tone, structure, and content of your graduate school admission application. Also provided are the specifics of all the required documents for student visa applications. 
  4. Study Abroad Application Process: One of the biggest reasons why application processes vary so much is because universities want to assess the level of student readiness. We hence provide herewith insights on how the institutions know if the student’s educational goals are aligned with the growth goals and ethos of that particular university to help prepare you better.
  5. Student Visa to Study Abroad: Our comprehensive assistance package is designed to ensure that you are fully prepared even as we address all the visa requirements successfully. Get a stress-free and hassle-free guide and assistance on visa conditions and requirements.

Also included in this package are:

  • Canadian Universities with Graduate Student Loans;
  • Tuition-Free Universities in Europe;
  • How universities select the right applicants;
  • Essential Components of College Admission Forms Abroad;
  • How to connect with Universities before getting Admission;
  • Common pitfalls to avoid during your Application Process;
  • Study Plan Started Guide for Canadian Universities.