HR Analytics with Power BI: Professional Training (Remote)

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HR managers can quickly track workforce indicators with the use of data analytics for HR with Microsoft Power BI, which also helps organizations’ human resource procedures run more efficiently. The Power BI dashboard is frequently used to generate actionable insights to raise retention and performance levels for employees.

The secret to assisting the HR department in giving the employees a better working environment is HR analytics, often known as people analytics. HR analytics does not gather information regarding employee performance, in contrast to other analytics. It gathers information about HR procedures and the working environment so that they can be improved to keep staff members content and productive. The focus of HR analytics is on problems such as a high staff turnover rate, declining productivity, employee complaints, etc.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Utilize Power BI to integrate and combine data from Human Resources
  • Create connections between relevant data sources in Power BI
  • Create a variety of visualizations using only dragging and clicking
  • create detailed reports and interactive dashboards with Power BIĀ 

Course Breakdown:

Module 1: Introduction to Power BI

  • Workflow in Power Bi Desktop
  • Creating an application workspace
  • The power BI Mobile experience
  • Understanding the DAX functions
  • Working with data, ie, connecting to data sources
  • Cleaning up and transforming data

Module 2: Data Queries in Power BI

  • Direct Queries and Analysis
  • Loading data to a power query
  • Design and filtering in power queries
  • Working with metadata
  • Working with unpivot
  • Introduction to custom functions
  • Merging queries and data cleansing

Module 3: Data Modeling in Power BI

  • Creating, understanding, and managing relationships in models
  • Checking for problems in relationships in models
  • Working with the relationship editor
  • Know how to fix data quality
  • Using Bridge Tables
  • Working with Hierarchies

Module 4: Decision making and Risk Management using Power BI

  • Identifying, evaluating, and managing Business risks
  • Working with the Risk assurance platform in Power BI
  • Working with Decision Trees
  • Forecasting using Power BI
  • Understanding payroll management and ROI in Power BI

Module 5: Creating HR Dashboards and Reports in Power BI

  • Introduction to data index and page layouts
  • Working with predictive attrition and animated macro charts
  • Understanding the Vlookup and Hlookup analysis
  • BVG and leave analysis, FNF and Exit Analysis
  • Grouping data and understanding the Bradford Factor
  • Developing operational dashboards including Business KPIs
  • Working with Turnover Dashboards and training efficiency dashboards,
  • Working with the recruitment dashboard and Staff management dashboard
  • Pivot tables and pivot charts for efficient automated report writing and analysis