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Performance Tracking

Track the performance of their vehicles and drivers, including fuel consumption, maintenance schedules, and compliance with regulations.

    Route Optimization

    Optimize routes for vehicles, taking into account factors such as traffic, weather, & delivery schedules, in order to increase efficiency.

      Predictive Maintenance

      Predict when a vehicle or piece of equipment is likely to fail, allowing for proactive maintenance and reducing downtime.

        Fleet Management Systems

        Digital systems for managing & tracking your fleet of vehicles, including scheduling, maintenance, and compliance with regulations.

          GPS Tracking & Telematics

          Systems for tracking the location and status of vehicles and cargo in real-time, allowing for better tracking and communication with customers.

            APIs Integration

            Integrate your systems with external providers such as GPS providers, weather services, & other logistics providers to access real-time data.

              Smart Automation

              Automate tasks such as dispatching, invoicing, and payment processing, reducing human errors and improving efficiency.

                Electronic Logging

                Systems for electronic logging and compliance with regulations such as Hours of Service (HOS) & Electronic Logging Device (ELD) regulations.

                  Mobile Applications

                  mobile apps for drivers and other employees, such as load tracking, delivery updates, and compliance with regulations.

                    Benefits of using our solutions

                    Our client outcomes:

                    Detect fraud in areas such as fuel purchases, and tolls.

                    Proactive maintenance and reduced downtimes

                    Predict demand, & optimize the use of warehouse space

                    Analyze & visualize your business performance

                    Keep your critical services secure & resilient

                    Analyze customer behavior & improve customer service

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